Premium handfelted slippers from Nepal

Our makers

Fair trade

By buying Tofvel slippers, you are contributing to the local economy of Kathmandu, Nepal. Here, each Tofvel is authentically made in a small artisan factory. Each pair of Tofvel comes with a unique signature of the maker. Want to know who makes your Tofvel?

Our story

Exceptional comfort

Breathable and temperature regulating. The one-piece Tofvel is made of 100% natural wool felt from free-grazing sheep.

The wool felt keeps feet warm during cold days, but has a cooling effect during warmer days. For optimum durability and grip, the underside is finished with a calfskin or rubber sole.

Sustainable production

Our products are manufactured sustainably and eco-friendly. Our wool is hand-washed without chemicals. 100% vegetable-tanned leather is used for the sole. The rubber is partially recycled and we use a natural glue without solvents.

100% Natural Woolfelt