At Tofvel, we are fully committed to sustainability. We understand that our responsibilities extend beyond just our products: they also include the impact we have on people, animals, and the environment. We strive to keep this impact as low as possible and therefore believe in being transparent about it.

On this page, you will find more information about the certificates, and initiatives that Tofvel has achieved through continuous efforts to act sustainably and socially responsible.

Our Story


The GoodWeave certification is a label that fight against child labor in the carpet and handicraft sector. GoodWeave is a non-profit organization committed to eradicating child labor, promoting fair labor conditions, and ensuring transparency in production chains.

The certification is awarded to products free from child labor, with independent, unannounced inspections ensuring compliance. GoodWeave also offers education and rehabilitation to former child workers and works towards improving labor conditions. For consumers, the certification guarantees that their purchases are ethically produced.

Tofvel adheres to GoodWeave’s principles, which means our production is free from child labor and our employees work under good working conditions.


The SMETA Audit (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) was developed by Sedex, a global membership organization dedicated to improving ethical practices in global supply chains.

SMETA is the world's most widely used audit to protect workers against unsafe working conditions, excessive overtime, discrimination, low wages, and forced labor.

Tofvel meets the requirements of Sedex's SMETA 2-pillar audit, which focuses on labor standards and health & safety.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report

SMETA Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR)

Wool with Responsible Origin

At Tofvel, we use pure wool from New Zealand, sourced from sheep that have not been subjected to mulesing.

Certificate of Origin

Certificate for Wool and Wool Products Exported from New Zealand

Fuhrmann Wool

Our Planet Certification

Tofvel meets the Our Planet certification standards established by Bever, the largest outdoor retailer in the Netherlands. This certification is awarded to brands and products that meet strict criteria. They are distinguished in three different categories:

🗹 Environment
🗹 Society
🗹 Animal Welfare

The aim of the Our Planet certification is to help customers make more conscious choices and to support companies that strive for a sustainable future.

Trees for All

At Tofvel, we do not partake in the consumer madness of Black Friday. Instead, in 2023, we participated in Green Friday, an initiative by Trees for All. With Green Friday, we aim to collectively provide a green counterpoint by not offering discounts and consumer incentives, but instead taking a step towards a greener planet. Thanks to the Green Friday campaign, in collaboration with Trees for All, we were able to plant as many as 250 trees in a new forest in Het Twiske nature reserve, near Amsterdam.

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