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On this page we take you behind the scenes of the Tofvel production methods. The clip below gives you a good idea how Tofvel slippers are made by hand, one step at a time. Production takes place near Kathmandu in Nepal. The production of Tofvel slippers provides employment for women in this poor mountainous country. In addition, for every pair sold, some of the revenue is used to fund the education of the employees and their children.

The wool felt is made entirely without chemicals and synthetic materials, using mulesing-free wool. The work is done completely by hand. First, the wool is washed and combed. Wool felt is produced by laying two layers of wool on top of each other at an acute angle and by using warm soapy water (without chemicals). Rubbing the layers together makes the fibres bond together. The process takes a long time and a great deal of skill. The wool is dyed using ecological dyes only.

Every pair of Tofvels is given a personal touch by the maker, using an embroidered ‘signature’ and a personal card with additional information about the product. This means you will know exactly who has made your pair of Tofvel slippers.

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